Imagine leading or working in a team where everyone pulls in the same direction with a strong commitment to success, feels inspired and empowered to deliver maximum productivity, speaks with confidence about new ideas and decisions and listens to others with respect and kindness.

If you work with me you will feel challenged and empowered to create such a team.

I am a qualified executive and systemic team coach with extensive experience of working with senior management and leadership teams. I bring a deep knowledge of organisational and team development, team process and group dynamics.

My primary aim will be to support you to improve your individual and collective performance so that you feel equipped to lead your business in a way that co-creates greater value for your customers, employees and wider stakeholders.

About me

Leadership Development


Good leadership is not what the leader sees, it is what the people around them see


Whether you are seeking an executive coach, trainer or leadership mentor, I can support you to develop a set of practical skills in the following areas:

Leading the business

Leading teams

Leading self

Engaging key customers and stakeholders

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High Performing Team Development

A group of brilliant individuals doesn’t necessarily make a high performing team

If you work with me, I will challenge and empower you to create a high performing team. I work with virtual teams, new teams, merged teams, teams who need to adapt to change, teams who feel ‘stuck’ and teams where there is unhappiness, conflict or stress.

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Making Teams Work: The Basics


All the best teams have to work hard to maintain top quality performance and results. All teams face challenges such as squeezes on resources, changes in customer demand, competition and changes in team membership.

If you are a team leader and want to build a high performing team here are 5 steps which will help you on your way to achieving that goal.

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“We don’t need a team coach”


Team coaching has a positive impact on both individuals and organisations. A team coach will boost team performance, build team capability, improve team capacity and ensure that the whole team feels inspired and empowered to deliver their very best for customers and stakeholders. So why aren’t leaders making more use of team coaches? Here are some of the reasons I’ve become aware of, together with my take on why we need to challenge them.

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