About me

I am a highly experienced and qualified consultant, facilitator, organisational development specialist and executive systemic team coach who has extensive experience of helping individuals, teams and organisations to make lasting, sustainable change.

My training and experience as an organisation development professional means that I work from a systemic perspective, recognising the influence of the wider operational and societal context on culture and behaviour. Behavioural science and psychology also underpins my approach.

I'm known for my pragmatism, my supportive, non-judgemental attitude and my focus on achieving desired results for my clients. I'm also known for my ability to challenge assumptions and limiting beliefs whilst remaining approachable; I put this down to my deep understanding and experience of people and group dynamics.

My career spans operational leadership, strategic development, business planning, learning and development and project and programme management. I've worked in the field of change for the past 12 years and have introduced behavioural, cultural, structural and process change. Throughout this time my focus has always been on leadership qualities and impact.

Based in Sheffield, I work across the UK.