What clients say …


Sue was my go-to person for team development. She has a great way of working with teams to bring out the best in them. She is highly attuned to what’s really going on and works gently but persistently on the issues that are getting in the way. I can highly recommend her approach.

Ruth Stanier – Director General, HM Revenue & Customs 

 I’ve worked with Sue for almost a year now and she has coached me through some key business decisions with a clear and encouraging manner. I have found Sue to be highly supportive but not afraid to raise difficult points that need addressing. She has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone – I very much look forward to continuing my development in partnership with Sue.

 Chris Bancroft – Bancroft Consulting Limited

Sue has a great energy and really enjoys her work. She is insightful with her developmental questions and keen to work in a way that suits you the client. She is great at making you comfortable enough to share but challenged enough to learn.

Sonya Wallbank – Head of Culture Transformation, NHS England and NHS Improvement

Sue has worked extensively with senior leadership teams to help orchestrate positive change through coaching and mentoring. She is fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to build high performing teams.

Liz Herridge – Transformation Manager, Highways England

I recently met Sue, virtually, for a coaching session and found her style engaging, thought provoking and challenging. Her approach to understanding my business challenge, informed from a series of open questions really helped me think through a number of alternative scenarios. There were a few long pauses as I had to consider a variety of ‘what if’ tactics that could help. Sue knew nothing of me or the company I work for and was able to demonstrate a brilliant coaching style which has made me challenge my own approach to coaching my team. Sue is clearly a skilled practitioner, non judgmental, easy to talk with and I would strongly recommend her, Thank you.

Paul Fretwin – Regional Sales Director, Arco

I have had the good fortune to be coached by Sue. She is so engaging and creates a truly safe environment to enable me to explore my career goals. Sue’s coaching style is effortless and she really allowed me to be open and honest about my aspirations and the barriers that are holding me back. Its not often that you come away from a conversation truly ‘buzzing’ and totally energised to take the next steps forward. Thank you Sue.

Andrew Noble – Senior Leader, HM Revenue & Customs

 I have recently been coached by Sue using the Lumina Spark portrait. The tool was good in a sense of gathering data on my preferences and strengths and areas for development but the real magic was brought about by Sue’s skilful interventions. Sue’s insight as to what lies beneath the data is powerful and delivered in a way which is easy to hear and work with. Working with Sue has unlocked a number of things for me which I have been puzzling over for some time and I highly recommend her!

Fiona McLean – Senior Leader, Department for Work and Pensions

I had the pleasure to receive a one-to-one coaching session with Sue, who is attentive and engaging. Sue create a safe environment where we could chat through some of the struggles I am facing with leading a team. By chatting through the obstacles I felt as if a weight was lifted and I was armed with the tools to take the next necessary steps to move forward. After only an hour with Sue, I was energised and ‘buzzing’ with excitement to face my challenges head on. Thank you Sue.

Abigail Jasmine Rawling – Head of Marketing, Aspace

Sue has recently agreed to be our school’s Enterprise Adviser and how lucky are we! After just one morning together Sue provided so much constructive advice on change management and how to influence other members of staff into buying into our Careers Strategy. She even provided an individual coaching session which gave an incredibly accurate insight into me and my role, and offered valuable tips on how some subtle changes might achieve even better outcomes. A number of my colleagues have now said that they wished they could also have Sue’s input. Since speaking with Sue I have been buzzing with ideas and feel much more confident, motivated and excited as to what can be achieved. Thanks Sue.

Claire Bensa – School Careers Lead

Sue is a committed, highly experienced and dedicated coach. Her calm, poise, tenacity and intelligence create an atmosphere of boundless support which any individual or team could not help but respond to. As a team coach she has expertise in systemic and collective leadership development and is deeply curious, seeking out how to make potential and possibilities become reality. I recommend her unreservedly.

Annabelle Simmons-Juritz – Organisation Development Consultant, HM Revenue & Customs