Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark is an amazing professional development tool that supports individuals and teams to work more effectively.

Lumina Spark reports are based on years of psychological research. They measure different aspects of behaviour to give indicators about strengths of individuals, leaders and teams. Anyone who has used MBTI, DISC or Insights will recognise the approach but Lumina Spark is unique because it avoids any stereotyping or labelling.

Teams love it because it enables them to have meaningful, non-judgemental conversations about working styles and preferences. It strengthens communication, decision-making and innovation.

I get 100% positive feedback about this tool which my clients say provides clear insight into how they can work more effectively with others.

For leaders: Inspiring 1:1 coaching using an individual’s Lumina Spark Portrait, aimed at promoting self-knowledge and awareness of working style, communication preference and energy.

For teams: A highly interactive, informative and engaging workshop that will give your team an insight into both individual and team preferences, strengths and areas for development.