Teaming Well using Lumina Spark – 3 hour workshop


Fast moving work environments need people who know how to ‘team’, people who have the skills and the flexibility to act in moments of potential collaboration where and when they appear.

This highly interactive, highly effective event uses the revolutionary, interactive Lumina Spark personality tool to ensure that teams develop rapport and the capability to share crucial knowledge quickly in order to co-create results.

Key Objectives   

Using Lumina Spark you will:

  • understand patterns of personality and working preferences in order to communicate well
  • accelerate the forming, storming and norming stages of team development and move quickly on to how to co-create results
  • utilise positive psychology and take a strengths-based approach to sharing crucial knowledge and influencing others.

What teams will get from this workshop

After this event, team members will have:

  • a clear understanding of their strengths, differences and communication preferences
  • an ability to ‘speed read’ other team members and key stakeholders in order to build rapport, appreciate diversity and influence others
  • a common language to strengthen interaction and problem solving
  • established the next steps for working collectively towards common goals.

Who should attend

 Teams or groups of people who need to collaborate over the long or short term.

Course Delivery

This is an interactive workshop that can be delivered face to face or online. Workbooks and access to the Lumina Splash App are included.