Leading change to improve the customer experience

Driven by the need to significantly improve the customer experience, the senior team in a large administrative organisation wanted to take a fresh look at their operating model and ways of working.

Sue worked alongside them to complete a full review of work processes, structures, reward systems, skills and policies. She then guided them to develop a positive and compelling vision of the future, including the behavioural, structural and process changes that would improve the customer experience.

Their roadmap for change became a vehicle for communication and engagement. The team went out ‘on the road’ facilitating a number of nationwide workshops designed to help people understand the new vision, the aspiration and ambition behind it and how they could contribute ideas and initiatives to achieve a brilliant customer service.

“The change workshops generated a sense of community; people have started to contribute to the organisation’s ‘story’ and are identifying areas where we can make vast improvements. Sue showed the utmost professionalism. She was warm and supportive and not afraid to challenge and ask difficult questions. We felt tested which was wanted.”*

*Senior leader UK Civil Service

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