Change Management

For those implementing or undergoing change; moving from the old to the new without disrupting productivity.

Sue offers a range of change management services including:

  • Detailed change management planning
  • Surveys to monitor and manage change progress
  • Defining skills and behaviour that make for successful change
  • Building change networks
  • Effective stakeholder management and communication
  • In depth training for change agents and HR professionals
  • Awareness sessions for those impacted by change on the psychological impact of change and how to navigate it successfully
  • Individual and team coaching on dealing with change supporting others through change


The benefits of successful change management are:

  • improved planning meaning that change is likely to take hold
  • people who own and engage with the change process
  • clear and empowering communication meaning faster, more successful change
  • managers who know how to get the best from themselves and others
  • clarity of focus on what good looks like
  • improved personal resilience for people and teams
  • improved cooperation and collaboration
  • merged teams who work brilliantly together
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