Change Leadership

Change leadership consultancy and development that examines and develops the driving forces, visions, processes and psychology that fuels transformative change.

Sue offers a range of change leadership services:

Change leadership consultancy

  • diagnostic and gap analysis activity
  • the human dynamics of change
  • evaluating successful change


Change leadership essentials training

  • the building blocks of successful change,
  • the psychological impact of change and how to navigate it successfully
  • the qualities of a successful change leader


Change leadership coaching

Building team and inter-team capability to

  • create, design and deliver change
  • inspire and lead change
  • support others through change


The benefits of successful change leadership consultancy and development are:

  • improved product and service delivery at a lower cost
  • retention of key people and attraction of new star workers
  • leaders who know how to get the best from themselves and others
  • alignment of business culture with strategic objectives
  • enhanced problem solving and decision making
  • increased creativity and innovation
  • leaders who inspire and ignite people to change
  • greater collaboration and ownership for change
  • improved innovation and experimentation
  • an in depth focus on the need for change and what will really result in change
  • leaders who feel empowered, in control and inspired about the future
  • a shift from a toxic or ‘neutral’ culture to one that drives business success
  • leaders who hold each other accountable for sustaining changed behaviour


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