A leadership programme with a difference …

… working across boundaries to deliver transformational change

A large and complex organisation responsible for significant public service delivery wanted to develop their performance from good to great.

The goal was to build a network of key leaders and influencers with diverse skills in systems thinking and design thinking as well as powerful knowledge of the behavioural science behind decision making and the psychology of change.

Rather than a traditional leadership development programme, we delivered a carefully calibrated set of frameworks, concepts and tools alongside real world learning as participants tackled cross-functional scenarios that would significantly boost delivery of the organisation’s strategic objectives.

This was a 6 month intensive learning experience with people working across organisational boundaries and out of their usual work area – and comfort zone. Sue used team coaching to help participants tackle issues of personal and organisational leadership, team dynamics, the customer experience, supply chain management and as well as the social, political and structural elements of change.

Peers from across the organisation applied what they had learned to their own work, did the analysis, shared knowledge and developed strategies to present actionable recommendations to the executive team

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